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YABATECH students lament bedbug infestation




Students of The Yaba College of Education (YABATECH) have cried out that they have been battling with bedbugs since January.

A fresher, name withheld, told TheNation newspaper, that when he first got to the hostel he was told by the older students that the mattresses were infested with bedbugs and had to disinfect his mattress when he was given.

YABATECH students lament bedbug infestation

As if that was not bad enough, he said the bedbugs are now found in the classrooms.

“You can even see the bugs moving from one place to another to the extent of finding bedbugs in the lecture room,” he said.

Another fresher, Emmanuel, said that students sometimes empty cans of insecticide on their mattresses before lying on them which is not healthy and mosquito nets are of no use.

He added saying that the school management was aware and is doing nothing about it.

A female ex-student said that there was a time the hostels were fumigated but there was no difference and students began falling ill.

She also said that while she was still in the school, students make use of sniper and kerosene on the bed then put it out for sun to heat it before they can make use of the mattress.

“The last fumigation before I graduated was in January and I don’t think it has been done again.


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