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  1. Am pospi, from cross river state. am a blogger (pospitips.wordpress.com) an online business coach. i wish to be noticed as a blogger in CRS


    It is indeed laughable that the forces of those opposed to my views on the good governance posture and hope in the Dr. Ortom led leadership in Benue State have condescended so cheap to render insults on me instead of matching my arguments word for word with all sense of constructive engagement.
    However,for the purposes of public awareness and informed state of mind I say a few words!!!
    First,let those behind “Stephnie Baaki” ask more about me. Very importantly,when I choose to support who and what I believe in no name calling stops me!
    Two,”stephnie baaki “said my strong support for my Governor is because of a non existent senate report in my place that as she said recommended that I should be sacked!!!Hehe!!!What a wicked wishful thinking and devilish imagination from a Jezebel!!!Quite unfortunately,this ‘mammy water’ of a fake facebook account could put forward on the facebook as she did put my photo such a recommendation neither does she even know what a university senate is!!!Dirty lies!!!!Anyway,to clear the doubts of such sponsors of ‘stephnie baaki’ they tell her that I have never and will never be involved in such to warrant her wish for me. I am public servant with vested interest in carrying out my job within the ambit of law and constituted authorities. I am a conformist!!
    Three,’Stephanie baaki’ insulted me by saying I am a rapist.This goes to show how desperate the sponsors of this so called ‘Stephnie baaki ‘are in their failed attempt to console themselves over their overt desire to challenge my defense against the people’s Governor , Dr. Samuel Ortom.
    It amazes me as young,very comfortable,highly informed,handsome with sufficient cash and fully endowed by His Grace,as a source of appeal to the over one thousand and one women out there begging to be loved and cared for,that someone with a fake identity will come and insult me by the way of ‘stephnie baaki’!!!Sure,’Stephanie baaki’ does not know I,MKOR AONDONA !!!!’stephnie baaki’ you have tried and you are truly a witch!!!
    Fifth,’stephnie baaki’ talk say MKOR AONDONA has small penis,abi na joy stick she bin call am.Ha!!Na wa o!!Where did she see it???This where I know this so called ‘stephnie baaki’ is grade one liar and evil spirit haunting an innocent child of God that generously endowed by his Creator!!!I thank Baba God!!
    Finally,let it be known to all that Governor Samuel Ortom as transparent,sincere,God fearing and anti- corruption leader CANNEVER and will never shield anybody found wanting by constituted authorities on the grounds of breach of good conduct!!!So the fabrication of ‘stephnie baaki’ about me wanting protection from Governor Ortom is idiotic,dirty,mischievous and wrongly calculated to deceive herself!!!Foolish ‘stephnie baaki!!!Greetings!
    I wish to report to you that your blog was used to assassinate my character by a perceived hidden identity and fake facebook name known as Stephnie Baaki who insulted that I am a rapist and a sycophant. The said Stephnie as you assisted in blogging this as the original source has been traced without a result yet. I want you to take my request of arresting this imposter her to prove her allegations or face the law. Read my response over her post on me:

  3. Ezinne Rose Okereke

    Good morning dear, I need to put my content on your blog. It is all about the new Queen of Heritage, southeast 2017.Please how do I go about it?

    • First send more all the write up and pics let me goes through it then i will get back to you on how to go about it.